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Here at R & S Auto & Truck Spring Works, Inc., we provide the professional service and the quality parts you can trust for your suspension and front end alignment services and driveshaft repair and replacement.

Our service is superior. We are known for our quick turnaround and competitive pricing on all of our services. We use state of the art equipment operated by a highly trained and knowledgeable staff of professional technicians for every service we offer from driveshaft repair and replacement to suspension work.

Our parts are premium. We carry merchandise from top brand names in the industry. For any make or model, we have auto parts made for your vehicle in stock. The brands we carry are known for lasting performance and boast a full guarantee.

We look forward to helping you with your auto & truck service needs. Contact us with your specific part needs or service concerns. We look forward to exceeding your expectations with our caliber of service, from estimating the repair to completing the service on time and on budget. The following lists our basic services and the brands we work with. Feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop in Bladensburg for more specific information about our front end alignment services and more or to get an estimate for your repairs.


Suspension Services
  • Hendrickson walking beams rebushed and installed
  • Mack rears rebushed and trunnion replacement
  • Leaf springs replacement and repair
  • Rear suspension rebush and repair
  • Springs for boat and utility trailers
  • Coil springs for cars
  • Helper springs for cars and trucks
  • Air Spring Suspension
Driveshaft Repair and Replacement
  • Balance and manufacture new shafts
  • U Joints
  • End yokes
  • Slip yokes
  • Hanger bearings
Front End Alignment
  • Bee Line LC 4000 computerized alignment
  • Rear laser alignment and wheel balancing
  • Complete front axle service (bore and sleeve axle)
  • Remove and replace king pins, ball joints, tie rod ends
  • Pitman arm, draglink, set camber, caster and toe
  • Remanufactured manual and power steering gears
  • Bore and Sleeve
  • Hendrickson® and Turner® Suspensions
  • Chalmers®
  • Meritor®
  • Dayton®
  • Triangle®
  • Firestone®
  • Dana®
  • Euclid®